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License Activation/Deactivation

With StarSteer, activating/deactivating a license is a matter of just a few clicks! Click on "About" in the upper right corner of StarSteer (see figure 1 below). This will generate your license splash screen. When you click on the "Deactivate License" option you will be prompted to save any recent project changes after which StarSteer will close. 

Figure 1. The arrows indicate the steps required to deactivate the license on this system.


The next time you launch StarSteer it will prompt you to choose the type of activation (see figure 2 below). If you have previously activated StarSteer on this system the previous activation code will be preloaded. If this is this is the first activation on this system or if you wish to use a different activation code it will be necessary to type or paste it in. When the appropriate activation code has been entered click "Activate" and your fully operational battlestation...err...StarSteer will be ready for use. 

Figure 2. Make sure that the appropriate 12 digit activation code is displayed and choose activate.


In the case where online activation is not available either due to the lack of internet access or firewall restrictions an offline activation will be necessary. Select the radial button for "Offline" and click on "Get Activation String." This will generate an activation string in the field below (See figure 3 below). Copy and paste the entire activation string into an email and send it to We will reply with the necessary serial number to complete your offline activation. Type/paste the serial number and click activate and your offline activation will be complete.

Figure 3. Offline activation requires the exchange of an activation string for a serial number issued by our support team in order to be completed.


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